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Project management for Japanese marketTHE LAST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE WILL BE DOVETAILED INWe are the boutique but global service oriented inbound project management company for Japanese market. We offer overseas customers professional marketing and communication solutions which dedicated to Market Research, Questionnair Survey, Translation, Fixing & Faciltation services and other English/Japanese related businesses in the field. We often have heard from many project managers from all over the world say that Japan is unique and getting things done even in Tokyo is quite far from their expectations and understandings. We also think Japan has very different style in many aspects. Not only language issue but unique business culture, behavior, complicated location and a means of transportation makes you more difficult to deal particularly with a short term project execution. And you are going to face more complicated and harder situation to carry out the project outside Tokyo because it would be totally different world and easily get you lost in translation. Most important thing is HOW to deal with it? We know how to approach and negotiate with Japanese companies for you and our wide range of contacts would surely be your help if necessary. Additionally, our team consists of professional, skillful and knowledgeable English/Japanese spoken alliance members in order to optimize each of your project efficiently. Let us resolve your business puzzles in Japan by piecing all together with our unique and powerful ONE-STOP marketing support service. We are happy not merely at welcoming you but also finalizing your project in Japan.

Glocal Standard - We "Think Globally, Act Locally"

Glocal is an coined word of Global and Local. We are functionally aware of the necessity that moving globalization and localization concurrently as to our strategy for both overseas and domestic market. We think globally and act locally to make our client's project successfully functional in Japan.

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