Principal / Global Market Service
Shin Kinoshita

Shin has extensively gained his work experience in the international marketing field that he carries over to his work at JIGSAW today. He moved his base to Tokyo after four years of living in the USA where he had finished master's degree in Hospitality Administration from Golden Gate University, San Francisco and worked as sole Japanese speaking staff at prestigious hotels in California. In 2005, Shin joined with Online overseas hotel booking management company as marketing manager that made him even more strong international communicator with intercultural knowledge as he spent most of the time within a year travelling somewhere in the world. He, as marketer, regarded with administration since he had developed a lot of new channels into Japan market. Shin also joined a Marketing firm to focus more on project management with various marketing propositions. He, as director of the company, effectively handled multiple projects by serving as strategic CRM consultant to foreign companies in a variety of industries, such as hotel, restaurant, architecture, apparel, travel, event, etc. His excellent one-to-one interpersonal ability was established from those experience of the projects management.
Now, Shin is delighted to provide "boutique but global" service in Tokyo by supporting foreign firm's project into Japan utilizing all his project management skills with excellent communication and wide range of marketing knowledge.

Shin, on the other hand, is also known as adventure enthusiast. He snow-skis, sky dives, and even holds scuba diving instructor ticket with 20 years experience and still enjoys it on his off duty. Shin also runs his marine activity management company, Manaloa M.H.M - Marine Hospitality Marketing in Borneo, Malaysia. Its first brand, AQUABASE was launched in 2010.